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FDA Inspected

100% Natural

GMP Certified

Major Allergen Free

Made In the USA

The best doggone lotion you’ve ever used,
or your money back + $5” *(one refund per household). Try it out. Your skin—or your wallet—will thank you later

High-class skin deserves high-class ingredients

In your case— pure, luxurious emollients

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The skin speaks for itself

“This stuff works! I owe it to Miracle Lotion, I can’t remember my skin ever looking so good.”

--- Susan Fowler

Verified Buyer

“Can’t believe how long it keeps moisture without the oily feeling. They also use natural oils, which I love”

--- Pete

Verified Buyer

“So far...this has been the most moisturizing lotion I have ever used.”

--- Jewell Brown

Verified Buyer

How-To-Use: Let's Go Step By Step


Please shake well before using every time.


1-2 pumps is usually enough for customers.


Lather the lotion onto your skin, and massage it in.


Most feel the effects all-day, even after washing.

Frequently asked questions

What if I don’t like the way it smells?
The relaxing aromatherapy fragrance smells clean and pure like a deep woods forest. The fragrance dissipates fast. Once you apply Miracle Lotion®, the fragrance is gone in minutes and won’t clash with perfume or cologne. The way your skin feels lasts all day, but the fragrance dissipates quickly. The deep woodsy fragrance of Miracle Lotion® comes only from Frankincense. Frankincense is a very expensive resin from the hardy Boswellia tree and a lot of it is in Miracle Lotion®. Smell is a very personal thing and the smell that some love, others simply won’t prefer the relaxing deep woods fragrance.
Why does it sometimes get thinner with oil on top?
The directions say to “Shake Well.” Miracle Lotion® contains a high percentage of natural oils and some of the oils may rise. The lotion may become thinner over time but absorbs even better. It does not use typical detergent emulsifiers, it is more of a suspension which is one reason it works so well. This is very similar to what happens with natural peanut butter. Shake for 5 seconds or just use the oil on your skin. Everything still works great.
Why is the color not pure white?
Lotions are generally pure white in color, but you can usually see a very faint golden tint in Miracle Lotion®. This is due to the color of the ingredients. The ingredients for most lotions are either clear or white. The waxes and waxy alcohols that are normally used in lotions are white. Miracle Lotion® uses none of the typical waxes and alcohols used in lotion such as cetyl alcohol and/or stearyl alcohol and stearic acid. There is nothing wrong with those ingredients which most lotions use, but we just don’t use them. Many of the natural ingredients used in Miracle Lotion® have color to them just as the fruits, nuts, herbs and plant oils that you eat have color in them. These can often cause Miracle Lotion® to develop a slightly golden tint. We do not bleach any ingredients.
Should I keep extra bottles in the refrigerator?
It is not required to keep extra bottles in the refrigerator; we just recommend that you do so for freshness. When we sold the original formula of Miracle Lotion® on our website, we literally had customers who would order a full case (one dozen bottles) at full retail price. As with most products and especially products containing a lot of natural ingredients, it is best to keep them in a cool place. We do not recommend the freezer, but we do recommend that you keep any extra bottles in the refrigerator for freshness.
Is Miracle Lotion gluten and other allergens free?
Some may be concerned about one of the 7 natural oils: wheat germ oil. We use a highly refined oil which contains no gluten. This is the manufacturer’s statement: “Wheat Germ Oil REF, as highly refined oil, is gluten free. This oil has been evaluated for residual gluten content and the results were under detection limits (0.05 mg/kg).” The other oils are similar. With Miracle Lotion® being on the market since 1993, we have yet to receive any reports of allergic reactions.
Can I use Miracle Lotion® on my face and hair?
Most do not recommend using a body lotion on your face mainly because they contain fragrances which can irritate. Miracle Lotion® does not contain fragrances or preservatives, but it is richer than most “face only” lotions. We suggest that you try it and see how it makes your skin feel. It may work much better for your face and hair especially if you have dry skin. You will have to see how it works with your makeup, if you use makeup. Many use it on both face and hair daily with great results, but if your face and hair are very oily, simply test it and see if you like the results. Many use Miracle Lotion® from head to toe and everywhere in between.
What if I don't believe in this spiritual stuff?
Miracle Lotion® was an awesome lotion before the new formula with the changes spoken by God, but the Divinely instructed formula works so much better. People who try it, whether they are spiritual or not, or whether they believe in a Divine power or not, simply love it. Many have seen the phenomenal results on their or their loved one’s skin from using Miracle Lotion®. There is much mystery and debate about spiritual things. After all, there are many denominations of just Christianity indicating people often don’t agree on spiritual things even within the same book and religion. As far as Miracle Lotion® is concerned: regardless of your spiritual beliefs, there is one very important fact that ONLY YOU can prove. The best doggone lotion you’ve ever used or your money back plus $5.00
Why the BEFORE and AFTER Hair Pics in some Beauty Stores?
Although we’ve gotten many testimonies on what Miracle Lotion® has done for skin, the only thing that God spoke about the performance of Miracle Lotion® was, “It will grow hair.” I saw a couple I knew at the movies and her husband told me that his wife’s hair had fallen out and did I know anything that could help her? They knew I was a cosmetic chemist. She had on a scarf. I told him what God said about Miracle Lotion®. He then asked, “How does she use it?” I said, “Just rub it in her scalp.” He bought a bottle for his wife. I saw the couple roughly a month later at an event. Tears streamed down his wife’s cheeks as she told me her story. She showed me the pictures of her hair before she started using Miracle Lotion®. There was a big bald spot right in the middle. Her hair was completely filled in as I stood there looking at her head. She also explained that before she got Miracle Lotion®, she could not wear open toed shoes or sandals because her feet were terribly cracked. She was standing there in open toed sandals and her feet looked smooth as silk. I asked her to send me those pictures and could we use them, and she said, “Yes you can use them, and I will send them to you right away.” The pictures that you see in the beauty stores are the actual pictures that she sent.
H.E.A.L. Quick<br> Miracle Lotion

H.E.A.L. Quick
Miracle Lotion



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H.E.A.L. Quick<br> Miracle Lotion

H.E.A.L. Quick
Miracle Lotion