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FDA Inspected

100% Natural

GMP Certified

Major Allergen Free

Made In the USA

We’ve sold over 5,454,879 bottles so far

What’s inside?

What you need in 1 place—easy, simple, balanced

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Genuine Thoughts From Genuine Customers

“Every aspect of my health has gotten better. I just feel good. Everyday.”

--- Cathryn Tyler

Verified Buyer

“Finally! A multivitamin that I can tell works. My mom swore by it and she was right”

--- Jazz R.

Verified Buyer

“I still can’t believe the amount of energy and vitality I get from this product alone. I was a DIE-HARD Starbucks drinker. I don’t even need all that caffeine anymore.”

--- Amazon Customer

Verified Buyer

Benefits of Miracle 2000

Total nutrition please—hold the hassle

We’ve done the obsessive research so you don’t have to, and now we provide you total nutrition, simplified for your use.

Goodbye, nutrient overload

Instead of trying to manage the crazy ingredient overlap of 7-9 different pills, let’s keep it simple. Now, take ONE multivitamin—optimally balanced, just for you.

Feels good, tastes good

Consistency is easier when something feels good and tastes good. That’s why we’ve stepped in—to open a new multivitamin doorway.


How-To-Use: Let's Go Step By Step


Please shake well before using every time.


Take just 1 capful daily (1oz) with or after meals.


High energy lifestyle? 1 cap per 100 lbs of weight.


Children use 1/2 teaspoons per 25 lbs of weight.

Miracle 2000

Miracle 2000



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Miracle 2000

Miracle 2000