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#1 Best Selling Detox In Health Food Stores

The Cleaner® 14 Day Detox

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The Full Body Detox: helps remove waste pounds to refresh & rewind the body back to its most natural state. Be prepared—we made sure it really works. Made with Wormwood, Senna Leaf (10% sennosides), & FOS Probiotic Growth Complex.
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  • Helps remove waste pounds— really  well
  • Gentle enough for your everyday routine
  • A fast-acting, deep cleanse
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#1 Best Selling Detox in health food stores

We’ve sold over 5,454,879 bottles As our customers will tell you...yes, it really works.

Just What You Need
A WHOLE Body Cleanse

Be prepared—It Really works

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Genuine Thoughts From Genuine Customers

“I’ve seen several women talk about this product on Facebook, so I decided to give it a try. When I tell you this product WORKS! Baby, it WORKS.”

--- Jessenia Cordova

Verified Buyer

“It is by far the most effective and reasonably priced supplement of its kind.”

--- Grant

Verified Buyer

“I feel energetic, clear headed, and youthful. I’m giving this to all my friends and family for the holidays.”

--- Jarvis Johnson

Verified Buyer

For The First-Timers: Here's Why We Detox

Helps remove waste pounds—really well

A quick heads up: after using The Cleaner, clothes may fit loosely in the stomach area due to waste removal

To Refresh From What’s Toxic

This world can be toxic: let’s make sure you’re not. Give your body a hand in purging those toxins

For Total Gut Health

Our gut takes care of us all the time, so sometimes, we should take care of it

Helps purify the skin

Detoxes help cleanse us back to our most natural state, & The Cleaner helps bring the skin along for the ride


How-To-Use: Let's Go Step By Step


Day 1: Begin by taking 4 pills in the evening


Days 2-7: 4 pills in both the morning & evening


Drink plenty of water: at least 64 ounces a day


Cleanse while continuing your normal daily routine

Frequently asked questions

Is it all natural ?
Yes, 100% Natural
Where can I buy it locally ?
Ask for it at your local health food store. All stores will carry some type of detox product. There is only one ‘The Cleaner ®’ so make sure that you ask for and get only The Cleaner ® . Accept no substitutes.
How fast will it work ?
It varies based on the individual. From 1 to 3 days is the average time period before you will notice results.
What will happen if I take more than recommended
Don’t! The maximum dosage is 8 capsules per dose 2X daily. There is no need or benefit of exceeding the maximum dosage. That's like asking, "What will happen if I run full speed for 100feet?" Most likely you will just be out of breath, but if your body is in really poor condition the sprint could hurt you. Don't push it!
Is it organic?
Some of the ingredients would not be considered organic such as the minerals. To be perfectly honest, if you were eating only completely natural and uncooked foods (when food is cooked it is no longer completely natural) then you probably wouldn't need The Cleaner ® . The Cleaner ® is for people who eat unnatural and cooked meats and other foods. Do you fit that category? Then YOU need The Cleaner ® .
Will it help with certain diseases ?
A cleaner body improves health overall. Each individual is different and you cannot say what specific health improvements will occur. If you are a non-smoker the leading cancer killer is colon cancer. Which colon do you think is most likely to get cancer: a clean colon or a clogged one? Many other diseases result from a clogged toxic body.
What if I don't drink eight glasses of water ?
The Cleaner ® just like detergent, shampoo or soap, is not a“waterless” cleaner. You use water to clean everything else and even special waterless hand cleaners require you to wipe the dirt away. You MUST have water and plenty of it to carry away the waste The Cleaner ®loosens and extracts. Without water it would be just like leaving all of the suds on your dishes. The more water the better but make sure that you drink at least 64oz. The Cleaner ® does not work without water.
Is it safe with medication ?
We always recommend that you always check with your doctor before using if you are on medication.
The Cleaner®  14 Day Detox

The Cleaner® 14 Day Detox

$19.95 $24.99



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The Cleaner®  14 Day Detox

The Cleaner® 14 Day Detox

$19.95 $24.99
You save: $5.04 (21%)