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I’ve been taking the cleaner for 2 days and have had at least 4 bowel movements the second day, and I feel good.


Customers say they are very impressed with The Cleaner and love the company.


Life Essentials

The Cleaner is selling very well and moving quickly.

Herb Shop

I’ve had repeat customers who”ve said it’s the best on the market.


Natural Path

I’ve used several detox products. Most of them made my stomach queasy. The Cleaner was supper gentle, I had no stomach symptoms at all like I normally do.


Customers say it’s wonderful and are upset when it’s not restocked.


Food For Life

I’m 73 and The Cleaner made me fell like I was 40 again.


I could go to work while taking The Cleaner. It is very gentle and I had plenty of time without a rush. The Cleaner works very good and it is amazingly gentle.


I saw some stuff come out of me that was real weird looking. It works.


My waist size went down five inches from The Cleaner.


The Cleaner actually has a pleasent aroma that comes from the capsules. i assume that it’s the ginger and peppermint that gives it the pleasant smell.


I brought The Cleaner and I was so impressed. I told the people who work in the office with me and they bought The Cleaner also..


I saw parasites in my stool after taking The Cleaner.


I have a har time swallowing pills but The Cleaner capsules aren’t real big. I was ablr to swallow them easily and it works.


I know that I wasn’t supposed to do this but I did it anyway. I had a wedding to attent and I nedded to fit into this dress that I had. Yhe Cleaner did it!